Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Talia Randall: Common Room video

Whilst in the middle of the run for her excellent Roundhouse Circus Fest show, Expectation (which is a collaboration with aerialist Maddie Mcgowan, which I saw last Friday and is banging, and the last night is TONIGHT!!!) Talia has gone and dropped this amazing video for Common Room, which is a piece off her d├ębut EP from last year Six Mile Radius

The whole project used 13 animators who all picked different parts of the piece. Have a butchers!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Real Talks@ April 24th @Hoxton Hall

Thought I'd give a mention to this event coming up next week at Hoxton Hall, called Real Talks. It's curated by friend and Bedsit show director Stef O'Driscol and Kam Sandhu who runs the excellent REALFARE blog). The event aims to highlight important issues, affecting us all,  through talks and performance.

The first event is called A Jobs's Worth and includes a decent list of panellists (have a butchers at the flyer below), all talking about employment, Unfortunately I won't be there as I'm doing another gig, but you can peep my pasty mug alongside a bunch of other superstars in the trailer below..

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Up-Coming Gigs


So I'm back out of the theatre and into doing spoken word gigs again, and a few people have been kind enough to book me! I have been working on new pieces so I'm looking forward to getting gigging again, here's what's coming up...

Hector Hears, April 24th

It's a new night, mixed line up, just how I like it, it's in South London too! It's a pretty tasty line up, have a butchers

Captivating songstress on guitar, keys, drums & loopstation (Dizraeli & Small Gods)

Enchanting soul/folk singer-songwriter #Soulkulele

Outstanding spoken word artist/writer; critically-acclaimed solo show Tales From The Bedsit (Roundhouse, BAC)

Future acoustic soul star rising quickly through Lyrix Organix's ranks

Streetfest, May 4th 

Again, I've performed at this before, it's a whole day, which some big acts so should be fun, I'm on the un-signed stage, I think...

Come Rhyme With Me (Crawley WordFest)

oi oi back in the manor!!!!! Crawley is where I did a lot of my growing up, I lived next door in Horley but always went to school in Crawley, lots of my mates lived there, so I'm excited for this. Come Rhyme With Me is one of the best nights in london, and also Brighton, and their bringing it to Crawley! Sick line up too, Dean Atta, Deanna Rodger and guests, Hollie McNish, Sabrina Mafouz and me! There's a whole bunch of events going on for Crawley Wordfest too so worth checking out...I'm also performing at the Come Rhyme With Me events in Brighton on May 16th, and London on May 30th

Come Into The Garden, May 10th

Curated by the wonderful Lettie McKie, I think this one is an alfresco afair in the lovley surroundings of Duclich Village, yes I'm going in the word, good line up

To celebrate Dulwich Artists Open House Lettie Mckie hosts a poetry open mic night with a difference. Surrounded by art of all shapes, sizes and genres (including Street Art), sip on our pink vodka cocktails, soothed by ambient jazz piano before settling in for an inspiring evening of spoken word and open mic. 
Our line up
// Sh’Maya
Sh’maya is a spoken word artist who will carry you away with his lyricism and unique performance style. His slick verbal riffs and incredible imagery will have you spellbound.
// Paul Cree
Hot off the press from performing his one man show a Tale from the Bedsit at Roundhouse and Battersea Arts Centre Paul is a calmly confident poet, his words understated and compelling.
// Talia Randall
A founding member of Roundhouse’s first poetry collective Rubix Talia weaves insightful storytelling with thought provoking imagery drawn from her teenage years.

If you want a slot on the open mic just click 'attending' and write a request on the event page. Turn up early on the night to confirm your slot!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

March 2014 (nuts!)


So, March was a pretty busy Month. I've been enjoying spending some time at home of late, working on some new bits and having a bit of a rest after all the activities of the last month...

A Tale From The Bedsit

It all worked out well. I really enjoyed the run at BAC, had some great audiences in and lots of new faces which was really nice, managed to pick up a couple more reviews as well, got another one from EVERYTHING THEATRE and POEJAZZI which I was chuffed about. The British Library came and filmed it for their archives, which is nuts! The show they came for, was probably the best one as well, it never works that way!.. I'm waiting to see what happens next with the show, hopefully more..err shows! In the meantime, here's some pictures Stef took from the rehearsals..

No Milk For The Foxes

So straight after I finished the Bedsit show, I went straight into rehearsals the next day, with Conrad Murray, for the Foxes show. We were performing a work-in-progress, kind of like a first draft really, at the Camden people's Theatre. We had no idea what to expect, I think what Conrad and I are doing is quite different, in the way we perform and how we've developed it but it went really well. So much so, were hopefully going into full development..fingers crossed

This was pretty much our set for the show

Play Festival

The Young Producer program at Battersea Arts Centre I have been working with as artist, since the beginning of the year had their 3 day festival in March and it all went off pretty damn well! they had programmed several artists and installations and fun rooms, all around the theme of childhood and play. It went off a treat, really proud of the team!

The team, minus Charlie

Friday, 14 March 2014

A Tale From The Bedsit - Photos

These were some pictures that were taken prior to the first run at Roundhouse, in the Camden Lock Hotel, hopefully you get the gist...

All Pictures by Stuart Leech

Deep in thought, or just pretending for the cameras? 

Is this what I look like when I talk?..I look like I'm gurning.. I was probably talking about Raves again.

Me and Phil, Davies, the All star looking trainers, they're Stef's, the AirMax are mine, course they are!

No caption

Look at the Rave flyers!!!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

A Tale From The Bedsit @ Battersea Arts Centre

Greetings, on this fine glorious today.

On Monday the 21st Match I'm going into to Battersea Arts Centre to begin the second run of A Tale From The Bedsit. I've been spending the last few weeks re-familiarising myself with the text again, though December wasn't that long ago, it's surprising how much I had forgotten! I'm on course though and looking forward to getting into a new space with Stef O' Driscol (director) and Phil Davies (Sound designer) and India Banks (set designer) we're doing it for a good sized crowd this time, should be a lot fun!

You can book tickets HERE

..also here's an extract from the show I recorded for Soundcloud


Paul Cree
17 - 21 Mar
Running Time: 45min

Price: £12, £9 concs
Recommended for ages 14+

Come in, kick back, take your shoes off, or keep them on, have a cuppa and make yourselves comfy.

This intimate and autobiographical coming-of-age tale by spoken word artist and writer Paul Cree set in his bedsit amongst the books, tapes and comics of his youth.

Leaving the mundane monotony of his hometown for the bright lights of Brighton, a new job and his first love the world seems bigger somehow. A witty & honest tale that reminds us of our own journeys, mistakes and joys.

A Roundhouse Production
Written and Performed by Paul Cree
Directed by Stef O’Driscoll

See A Tale from the Bedsit with John Berkavitch's Shame at 7:30pm (17-19 Mar only) for £20 (£15 concs). This offer will be applied automatically to your baske