Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Some things I learnt from secondary school


1:          Most of the stuff in that Maths set, you will never use.

2:           There are some things that I have to learn myself if I want to understand them, like finding out what left wing and right wing means, and that money you get given from credit cards and loans is not yours, you have to pay it back, and if you don’t you get those red letters and those bastards phone you, a lot, and they keep phoning you until you pay (and telling them to fuck off does you no favours).

3:        Unless you get a trade, join the army, get really really lucky or do A-Levels and get a degree, there are not a lot of options for you, and you may well end up in one of those jobs where your sat in a call centre and you have to phone people who havant paid back their credit card or loan, a lot, and you have to keep phoning them until they pay (even if they tell you to fuck off, which they will)

4:         On older car models, if you prize off the rubber from the passenger window, with the use of a twisted coat hanger, you can open the door (without a key)

5:          On those cheap fluorescent cigarette lighters, you can wiggle the flame adjuster thing till it breaks, causing the lighter to become a mini flame thrower everytime you use it

6:         On those cheap florescent cigarette lighters, if you throw them really hard against the wall, they explode.

7:          On those cheap florescent cigarette lighters, if you throw them really hard against the wall, and they explode, you might want to stand back. Little bits break off and if they hit you it fucking hurts.

9:          Throughout life, I’ll have to get up, probably 5 days a week, to go somewhere I probably don’t want to go and do something I probably don’t want to do

10:        If you hold biro’s under the Bunsen burner flame you can mould them into some really interesting shapes but those fumes give you a horrendous headache and are probably poisonous. 

11:        If people are giving you shit, and involving adults hasant resolved the situation, approach them when they are all together in a group, find the biggest and hardest one and lamp the cunt. Observe how all the minions will peel away like paint doused in thinner. Violence is rarely the answer but standing up for you’re self is something you should learn young. It’s a lot harder to do later in life when your self-confidence regularly takes a pathetic round 1 exit from the Jonhston’s Paint Trophy. 

12:        The way to spot a fake Ralph shirt is to look for the double stitching in the collar and if the ratio* between the horse and the jokey is just plain ridiculous.

13:        Having the best trainers is not the be all and end all (Though it is pretty sick, if only for a while).

14:        That the best thing I could and should and wished I had learned at school, was learning how to learn. Regardless of what I’m studying, whether it’s Trigonometry or simply trying to assemble IKEA flat pack furniture, the skill of applying you’re self to something never ever changes, and learning that skill later in life is really fucking hard and pretty embarrassing, when you realise most other people have been doing it for years and you were too busy dicking about or day dreaming.

15:        Despite all of the above, even if you didn’t do very well at school, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Life can take some interesting twists and new roads present themselves all the time if you look hard enough (Just don’t take those new roads as an excuse to park the car up and get cained with your mates, it’s a good laugh but it really really slows you down and you’ll end up doing something a bit crap with your life like writing poems).

16:        Writing poems and stories isn’t necessarily for bellends or people that get high marks and have good spelling.

*ratio?! Shit, I did learn something afterall.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Outspoken - Tues 28th July

Really excited for this one.Not been before but I hear it's a great night, great venue and looks like a banging line up too, and hosted by Berkavitch!


Update and that

Hello. Yea, been a wee while that I've posted on here, again. Had plans to set up a new website, got a new domain and everything, just no site...yet. Anyway, things have been pretty nuts last few months. Snce Janaury I've gone back to working a normal job, inbetween still doing the shows and workshops, it's been alright actually, my rent is being paid on time, I'm just pretty busy. I've recently finished a project working with the Tricycle Theatre up in Neasdon which was fun and I'm about to embark on a summer arts program with The Unicorn Thetare. Things are still ticking over.

Gigs wise, I was at the Branichild Festival for the first time last week and Lovebox the saturday just gone, as well as hosting a Truth About Youth event for Oval House Theatre, all of which were very enjoyable and full of decent people. I'm going away for a few days this week for something that is'nt a festival or gig related (imagaine that!) and after that I'll be at The Forge in Camden for the  Outspoken night, which is set to be a banger.

 The 90 Sick E.P is now up on  BANDCAMP, CDBABY and ITUNES (for some reason the EP does'nt show up on any searches, dunno, maybe them Itunes people are ashmed of it?! Mugs!) and  more soon. Different pricing on all of them, I get no say with I tunes. Either way, if someone doesnt want to purchase the full EP they an get 3 of the tracks for 79p each. Silly innit. I havant sold many so far but fuck it, I'm proud I've acatually done something and it exists both pysically and on line. Had a lovly reveiw from Ulterior mag;  ?! Anyway, here's the full thing ..

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Monday, 27 April 2015

No Milk For The Foxes - quotes so far

So...been a bust first week, two sold out shows and a bunch of reviews. Here's some quotes, we're running till 9th May tickets HERE