Monday, 11 August 2014

New vid: Rhythm

Back in June, did this great event as part of the Late @ Tate series, put on by the A And the E, was a fun night!


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Some People I've Seen Recently No.2

Following on from last weeks blog where I put Riki Livermore and Cate Ferris on, here's two others whom I performed with back in May at the Crawley event for Come Rhyme With Me.

First up is Sabrina Mafhouz. For me Sabrina is one of the best and someone that has accomplished a lot. A great performer and writer who's very entertaining to watch and also very poignant.


Hollie McNish flew in from Belfast that night, straight to Crawley for the gig. Smashed it. Then had to head off elsewhere straight away after. She's in demand and I think there's a good reason why. She's very very good. What I like about Hollie, also Sabrina too, is that they have the ability to talk about huge issues, but in a way that's authentic and not generic, which I think is something that's very difficult to do and certianly something that I don't think I'd be able to do. Here's a decent example

Monday, 30 June 2014

Some people I've seen recently no.1


This is the first of a few posts which I'm going to do featuring some performers who i've been lucky enough to perform with recently, who, for various reasons, I've been really impressed by and probably learnt a thing or two from.

First up, is Cate Ferris I saw her when we both performed at Hector Hears back in April, which is a night run by Lyrix Organix. The whole night was pretty special but I thought Cate was pretty sick. I've seen a lot of people use loops but she took it to another level for me. Multi instrumentalist, great voice and good lyrics. Have a butchers.

The first bank holiday in May I was at Streetfest in East London, this time courtesy of Ash and Music Is Remedy. I was on the un-signed stage and was one of only 2 spoken word acts, the other being Rik The Most. Outdoor gigs are never easy, particularly when you're an accapella act, you have to really hold the audiences attention as best you can, and it's especially hard when it's a festival and there's loads more things to go and go and experience, but Rik stepped up and did the business. To top it all he's a very nice dood and we wound up gigging again a few weeks later. He co-runs a monthly spoken word night over in Stoke Newington called Forget What You Heard.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

New poems on the Soundcloud


After that good stretch of gigs, I've loaded a few new bits up on the Soundcloud. Enjoy

P.S I thought England did alright to be honest. I was pleased to see them actually trying to pass the ball between them and attack, I'm pretty sure the last 6 years the only goals England ever seemed to score were from dead balls...

Lost Days Lost



Turbo Breeze

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Appearance on Croydon Radio, Poets Anonymous show

Last few busy days have nice and busy, what with the gigs at Tate for the A And The E show, Lyrix Organix at Filthy's on Saturday, Hammer & Tongue Camden on Monday, but also this appearance on Croydon radio for the Poets Anonymous show.


Poets Anonymous are a collective of poets and writers based around the Croydon area that have been running since 1990, when I was a wee nipper obsessing over David Platt's goal against Belgium, during the world cup. I attend one of their monthly sessions at Matthew's Yard  and they kindly invited on their monthly radio show and I dually obliged. Had a wicked time. I was on the show with Nick Alldridge. These guys have been writing years and have tonnes of knowledge and experience which I don't have, so it was a pleasure!

After the Hammer & Tounge on Monday marked the end of the best run of gigs I've ever had, which has seen me share of stage with lots of new and old performers, I'm gonna, over the few weeks be featuring these on here, almost as a record for me, it's been a memorable few weeks. Enjoy the Football....

Monday, 2 June 2014

Late@Tate's Friday 6th June


This Friday I'll saying a few words and that as part of the The A & The E curated segment of Late At Tate at the Tate Britain. Pretty excited about this one. Tate and all that. There's some other performances on that night too so should be fun.

Line up:

Greta Bellamacina
Rena Meownegishi
Leti Mortimer
Hadiru Mahdi
Belinda Zhawi
Bridget Minamore
Paul Cree
Andrea Phillips
Giulia Loi


Rivah Feseha (Work It)

Here's a little video I did at a The A & The E event back in December..