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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Bang Said The Gun 18th Sep

Been a wee while since I've stepped on the Bang stage, legendary it is! Liz Bentley, me and all the usal Bang crew tomorrow night,. should be a blast

Friday, 12 September 2014

Fri 26th Sept: A Tale from the Bedsit + 3 Mile Radius @ Richmix

Hello and happy friday!

So, I alluded to this a bit previously, but I'm now very pleased and excited to announce that on Friday 26th September at Richmix I'll be performing a newly staged version of A Tale From The Bedsit in a double bill alongside good friend and fellow word artist Talia Randall in her newly re-developed show 3 Mile Radius. This is all in preparation for us hopefully embarking on a national tour in 2015, you can get tickets for the whole evening for £10  HERE which includes an after party in the bar with good tunes, booze and maybe me and Talia jumping on the mic, have a butchers at all the info below, there's some links and that and hopefully we'll see you there, yea? sweet!

A Tale from the Bedsit + 3 Mile Radius + After Party!

A double bill of two spoken word theatre shows featuring teenage MC lyrics, awkward kisses and old skool Drum and Bass raves. Plus an after party, and all for £10!

Both shows have been re-developed to prepare for a national tour next year - 'A Tale from the Bedsit' has been restructured to suit bigger audiences and '3 Mile Radius' has added live visuals from international VJ collective Eyes on the Wall, direction from Rachel Blackman and set design from India Banks.

Talia and I would love it if you could join us on September 26th at the Rich Mix.

Book you tickets in advance here:

'A Tale from the Bedsit'
Written and Performed by Paul Cree, directed by Stef O’Driscoll.

Come in, kick back, take your shoes off, or keep them on, have a cuppa and make yourself comfy. Let’s go back to an era of eight carrot jewellery, high fades, Nike tn’s and drum & bass where it is important to remember, that when the chips are down, it’s the little things that count.

This is an intimate and autobiographical coming of age tale by spoken word artist and writer Paul Cree, set in his bedsit amongst the books, tape packs and comics of his youth. Leaving the mundane monotony of his hometown for the bright lights of Brighton, a new job and his first love the world seems bigger somehow. A witty and honest tale that reminds us of our own journeys, mistakes and joys.

A Roundhouse production, ‘A Tale from the Bedsit’ was first presented at the Roundhouse as part of ‘The Last Word Festival’ followed by a run at The Battersea Arts Centre

"The kind of art you get lost in time in" – Poejazzi @PaulCree 
'3 Mile Radius'
Written and performed by Talia Randall with Elian Gray, Jamie Payne featuring Eyes on the Wall. Directed by Rachel Blackman

“My people learnt to fear what we don’t know, so we never left the postcode”

'3 Mile Radius' is a journey through chicken shops, nightclubs and schoolrooms. Fusing spoken word, music and live visuals this is one girl’s realisation that her adolescent blunders lasted longer than she imagined.

Launched at the Roundhouse in 2012, Talia Randall’s debut show from comes to the Rich Mix for a second time after a sell out performance last year. '3 Mile Radius' is also available as an EP via independent record label Emerging Species.

"Talia walks the tightrope between nostalgia and what matters now like someone with an equal respect for craft and a need to play. And someone who is f***ing brilliant at walking tightropes" – Polarbear

“Talia’s voice is strong and distinctive and her verses have many moments of wit, humour and humanity” – Poejazzi @taliarandall 

Friday, 29 August 2014

New Vid: Lost Days Lost

Greetings, Friday and all that.

Been a nice little week for me, not quite as hectic as the last few. Did Shambala fest last week which I really enjoyed, I was in the Storytelling tent as part of the Natural Born Storytellers, which is an event that runs in Camden. Loads of decent stories and slightly different to the sort of spoken word events I usually do.

This week I hooked up Conrad Murray, who I collaborate with regularly and we made a little video for Lost Days Lost, which I've been doing at gigs quite a lot recently, have a butchers!