Monday, 16 March 2015

Appearnce on Croydon Radio with Jazzman John Clarke

Evening. Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending a bit of my Sunday Afternoon on Croydon Radio for the Poets Anonymous show with the legend Jazzman John Clarke. It was a bit of a laugh, especially considering I'd had a few sherberts the night before, so did'nt feel to bright when I rolled up! Had a mission of a bus journey too but none the less I really enjoyed it. We both got to perform a bit and then me and John did an impromptu back to back was a lot of fun, havant done something like that since I was MCing over Drum & Bass! Also had a bit of chat about that classic stage vs page debate. You can have a listen back below. Bosh!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Priorites; New old one up on the Soundcloud

A few months back I was going through the files and found this one. Must be from 3 /4 years ago. Tidied it up, took it down Merton Poets and then bosh! Stuck it up, enjoy

Saturday, 7 February 2015

What's Happening?


So were in February now and I've been a bit quiet, but then again have I? I've been plugging away at my desk down here in deepest Mordoor writing and editing!

The 90 Sick E.P

In the summer of 2013 I was part of a show called 90'S BPM which, as the title suggests was all about the 90's. I wound up wiring quite a lot more than I needed and over the last 18 months I've been slowly working on putting all of this into a solo project, which will be an E.P and a show called The 90 Sick E.P. It will take the form of 4 stories which span the decade.

At the moment, in between working at a school I've been getting up early in the mornings and re-editing all the stuff I wrote previously to sync with the new stuff which is a slow but rewarding process. The project should be finished by April and all going well there will be a a launch at the end of May.

My desk, very early in the morning!

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Little blast of a draft

Happy new year. Gonna do something I've not done in a long time and stick a draft up of something. Fuck it. Dunno if it's because it's a new year or anything, probably because I was having butchers at another poets blog and remembered that it's something I used to do. Who knows, I might think it's shit tomorrow and never use it, that;s probably the case with most of the things I write, but here it is..

Down in a minute

Often, when I talk with my mates
I find myself saying how things have changed,
how we've all grown up etc, repeating
these cliches like controversial refereeing
decisions on Match of the Day.

Yet, day to day
I still get the urge to tap people on the shoulder
and look away.
I still put my hand over my mouth and giggle when
I hear silly genitalia names.
I watch as much football as I ever did and
when I'm back at home visiting my parents,
sat in my old bedroom, and
Mum calls me down for dinner I'm like

Recently I was walking home from work;
Tie and a shirt, trousers and shoes.
Some young boys were playing
football in the street;
full kit, replica tops, shirts,
socks and astro boots.
They must have been about 10.
I must have been about 30.

One of the kids has over hit the ball and
it's rolled over towards me and
I freeze.

Time. Has. Slowed. Down.
Out of nowhere I can hear a crowd.
Some cockney sounding coach,
all red faced blood vessels nursting in his neck,
Chelsea tattoos and a pink Ralph
spit coming out of his mouth as he
screams out;

I take a breath.
I tell msyelf;
'Don't try and be flash,'
'just trap it,'
'get it under control and'
'play it back.'

Just before the ball reaches my feet,
another voice, deep inside
the isolation unit of my mind jumps
up and screams out;

Someone in-between thinking about
those two opposing views,
I've stuck my right leg out and
my right leg is confused,
unsure what to do.
The ball hits the outside of my
black leather lace up shoe,
taking all the power out and meekly
trickling behind me like water
drops dribbling out of a
tap in a drought and
rolling into the road,
like my very own You've
Been Framed Video.

'Shit, I've fucked it' as
I slap my forehead.

Just to rub salt into my wounds,
I look up,
and the kids in the replica kits are laughing,
wolf whistling and making wanker signs at me.

I put my hands up and say;
'I'm sorry, I just aint got it anymore.'

When I walked away,
feeling ashamed, I stopped and realized,
I never even had it in the first place.
It's just a saying,
that's too easy to say and
I say it to much,
like 'things have changed.'
when really,
they aint.
Some have,
but somethings,
are most definitely,
the same.

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